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Can Pet Food be Sustainable Without Sacrificing Quality? -

Can Pet Food be Sustainable Without Sacrificing Quality?

Pet parents want what's best for their pets, and that means high-quality nutrition from a source they can trust. But does improved quality mean a larger environmental footprint?

According to recent survey data, 30% of U.S. pet parents try to avoid pet foods with excess packaging, and 31-32% look for "Made in the USA" claims. Consumers are also starting to care more about the sustainability of the food itself, especially in relation to the protein source.

At the same time, pet products with "grass-fed" and "cage-free" claims are seeing an increase in sales. Feeding our pets these "higher quality" meat products comes with an environmental price tag, as they often replace byproduct-based foods. Human grade animal protein is much more carbon-intensive than its byproduct equivalent, requiring larger amounts of land and natural resources per pound produced.

According to a 2017 study, U.S. dogs and cats would rank fifth in global meat consumption if they were their own country. What we choose to feed our pets is not insignificant.

How do we ensure our pets are getting the highest quality ingredients without harming the planet?

This is where plant-based protein comes in as a logical solution. Not only are plant-based ingredients drastically less taxing on natural resources, but they provide all of the essential amino acids your dog needs without any of the risks associated with meat. No sacrifice to your dog's nutrition, and much less sacrifice to our planet.

Many plant-based diets are nutritionally complete, which make them an easy swap for animal-based foods. Learn all about the benefits of a plant-based diet for dogs.

Anything Vegan is a vegan owned and operated family business that makes ethical kibble and treats for your pooch. Not only does a plant-based diet save lives and minimize your pup's environmental impact, it also provides all the nutrition they need to thrive. (Plus, it tastes amazing...just ask these dogs!) Learn more about v-dog and vegan diets for dogs below.

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